Super Mario Odyssey Video Review – A Monumental Achievement in Gaming

Super Mario Odyssey Video Review

There is a reason Mario is the most synonymous character associated with video games. Ever since Mario first hit consoles, the Super Mario series has paved the way for bigger and better things. Each game featuring the plucky plumber has been greater than the last, which meant expectations for his latest outing, Super Mario Odyssey, were staggeringly high. When we finally got to see a glimpse of what Odyssey would bring to the table, we were all beyond excited. This was taking the 3D platforming formula that Mario had innovated and ramping it up to new heights. With the game finally having released and the public getting their white-gloved hands on Mario’s first appearance on the Switch, just what did the people truly think of the game? Watch our video review below to find out.

Super Mario Odyssey is the perfect culmination of everything we expect from a Mario game, and more. Players must once again thwart the nefarious plans of Bowser and save Princess Peach, but this time Mario is teaming up with someone we haven’t seen before in the Mushroom Kingdom: Cappy. Cappy gives Mario the ability to control any enemy he encounters in the game, which is used to solve various puzzles to collect Moons.

Players can also purchase new costumes for Mario to wear which unlock even more features for various stages. Super Mario Odyssey is by far the most gorgeous game on the Switch yet, both in handheld and docked mode, and it sets the bar for all future AAA titles Nintendo produces on the Switch. Considering the lineup of first party games on the Switch so far, it will be an interesting challenge to see if anything can compete with Odyssey.

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Super Mario Odyssey is available now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. For more information, check out the games official website.