Suicide Squad Official Trailer Reaction – Deliciously Off the Wall and Bat-Shit Crazy

Another week has rolled through and DC continues to ramp up their hype trains in order to make people pay attention to their establishing Justice League Universe. What is brought to us this time is the second official trailer (following the debut trailer at Comic-Con) to the Suicide Squad. The first trailer was dark, ominous and a little haunting, so they decided to go the opposite direction with the new trailer and go completely bonkers.

We get better shots of a lot of the characters this time around including Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress, Adam Beach’s Slipknot and Jay Hernandez’s El Diablo. We also get A LOT of new looks at Jared Leto’s Joker who seems to be playing a much bigger role than was let on to begin with. The Joker, of course, steals the show as he’s shown to be about as deranged a Joker as we’ve seen yet. It’s very reminiscent of Mark Hamill’s animated Joker to be honest, but I’m sure that’s not the first time you’ve read that nor will it be the last. There’s also that really awesome shot of Joker diving into the vat of acid that actually revealed the most interesting shot of the trailer. As he brings Harley out of the acid, was it just me, or were they both robots? This raises so many interesting questions and has me so very intrigued!

Suicide Squad Jared Leto Joker

There’s also some cool action shots that showcase a bit of each of them flashing their powers off… and Harley Quinn bending over, *sigh*. I, personally, love the way Enchantress looks as well as El Diablo, even though he dramatically highlights DC’s just atrocious villain names. They also highlight Margot Robbie’s Harley a little more, though it seems to be that she’s along for the ride for comedy and her ties to the Joker, as opposed to her skill set. It’s also interesting to note that Will Smith’s Deadshot seems to be in a leadership role for the team which does explain Smith’s willingness to enter into an ensemble project.

But there’s certainly things that I noticed that caused more brow furrowing than maybe a trailer should at this stage. I don’t like the way Killer Croc looks – at all. Also, I’m having a hard time telling Rick Flagg apart from Captain Boomerang (what a terrible name) which could certainly spell trouble if they don’t have very different personalities during the movie. Then there’s that train scene where it’s getting split in half. This is also shown earlier when they walk down the street and there’s holes in everything they pass. But who is that? I mainly ask because it looks like Joker is playing a big role, so how many villains are going to be in this? Normally, this would only intrigue me, but with Bats vs Supes being so bloated and overloaded with about a hundred villains showing up, it’s a little worrisome to see at least two major villains in this trailer.


“There’s also some cool action shots that showcase a bit of each of the team flashing their powers off… and Harley Quinn bending over, *sigh*.”

On more of a marketing note, can we just use this trailer as the line in the sand for Bohemian Rhapsody? Yes, everyone loves to sing along to Freddie Mercury sadly delivering a ballad to his mother as AIDS slowly destroys his body. And yes, it is a great song. But, I know this may come as a shock to some, but Queen actually have other songs. There is also decades and decades worth of music that you can pick from that isn’t Bohemian Rhapsody that would work just as well with your movie/TV trailer, or over your grocery store PA system, or between any set at every concert ever. But I digress.

Suicide Squad Screen

This trailer itself is a perfect counterweight to the first one. It’s zany, action oriented and shows a lot of great footage without giving away the entire plot and set pieces in the entire film like a certain other upcoming DC movie has. There’s injections of humour and some really interesting shots that have certainly made me curious. Initially, my interest in this movie was predicated almost entirely on David Ayer’s involvement. However, while the marketing for this movie has been hit and miss, the trailers have come across with blazing accuracy, highlighting everything I needed to see to get the tone, the premise and to get a good grasp on all the major players.

You win, Suicide Squad. I will certainly go check out the worst heroes ever.