Remnant 2 Video Review – Soulslike Sequel Success

Remnant 2 Video Review

Gunfire Games released Remnant: From the Ashes back in 2019 and are back with a sequel this year. From the Ashes took inspiration from other Soulslike games and added its own twist, namely the guns and multiplayer. Remnant 2 takes the essence of the first game and improves in almost every way.

From the Ashes was a pretty tough game, but rewarded players in fun. Remnant 2 is more approachable, difficulty-wise. The world and the lore is expanded in this game. However, the story does not stand in your way if you just want to run through the game shooting everything. Like many Soulslike games, the story is only as important as the player wants it to be.

Remnant 2

There are four Archetypes to choose from at the beginning of a playthrough. There is the Gunslinger, Medic, Challenger, and Handler, each with their own focus of abilities. Later in the game, players have the opportunity to multi-class. Basically, you are able to integrate some abilities from a secondary Archetype to build off your primary one.

The first game certainly did not look bad, but Remnant 2 looks very good. There is a wider variety in enemy design, as well as locations. The Root comes from a different dimension or planet or plane of existence. Players will be exploring more than just a Root-twisted Earth in this game.

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