Are Players Getting Tired of Open World Games?

Are Players Growing Weary of Open World Games?

We all have them. Those games that we absolutely could not wait to play, spent countless hours soaking up all the information we could find online, until finally the day came. We installed the shiny new game and dropped 10, 20, 30 hours in and then… we found something else. We’ve all got a pile of shame – the games we simply couldn’t finish for one reason or another – and I would wager a fair amount that most of those games fall into the open world/sandbox category. These aren’t particularly flawed games by any stretch, but as our lives grow busier and busier its hard to be sold on a massive world with little to do and less fun to be had than a killer linear experience. Not quite sure what we mean? Check out our video below.

By no means are we saying open world games are bad, but it feels like – as a whole – gamers are getting just a little burnt out on the idea of “bigger is better” when it comes to game maps. Linear experiences like God of War and even DOOM 2016 managed to pack a very potent punch into a smaller package than these games which offer near endless roaming and little to do. Perhaps its time the developers focus more on the narrative and let their worlds shrink down just a little bit.

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