Observation Video Review – Wonderfully Unnerving Atmosphere

Observation Video Review

How often have you been playing a game where your hero has an intelligent AI you can interact with and simply give it commands to complete a task? How often have you played again where you ARE that AI? Observation takes that dynamic we have come to expect from video games, tv shows, and movies and shifts it into a new and creative way. Taking control of an advanced AI on the space station Observation, you’ll quickly unravel the puzzle of what has happened to the crew by listening to the prompts of the last surviving crew member and helping them figure it out. Sounds good? Check out our video review below to learn more.

Observation is a first-person style puzzle game that takes a unique departure from the norm and casts you as the AI, Sam, tasked with helping discover what happened to the space station’s crew. Not only will you interact with the environment through shifting from camera to camera, but you’ll also activate and repair systems through various minigames and solve a variety of puzzles to help the one remaining human navigate the ship in search for clues as to what happened. While your human companion isn’t always the most helpful with her clues and your reticle can sometimes miss mission sensitive objects to interact with from time to time, this is still a haunting and engaging game that is well worth your patience.


Observation is available now on PC and PlayStation 4. For more information, check out the game’s official website.