Moist Mouth Feel | Press X To Podcast, Episode 5.7

Press X To Podcast

The lads are back with a brand spanking new episode of the always great Press X To Podcast. Armed with a bunch of quips and a bucket load of f-bombs, see what you think of their views in episode 5.7 – Moist Mouth Feel.

Press X To Podcast 1

Some games just feel good. Whether its drifting around a track or pumping an enemy full of led, certain games just get it right. So the gang as they explore games such as Forza Horizon 5, GT7, Tiny Tina to see why these games feel great!

What are your thoughts on Paul, James, and Rhett’s views? Which games do you think feel amazing to play? Have you played any of the games the boys mentioned? Make sure you let us know your thoughts and of course, your favorite parts of the episode in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. As always, remember to check back for the next episode of the always entertaining Press X To Podcast. If you haven’t subscribed to Press X To Podcast yet, make sure you do so right here, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on Youtube for more video game content.

Thank you for keeping it locked on COGconnected.

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