Metro Exodus Looks Sick in These 4K Gameplay Videos

Metro Exodus is Gorgeous

Metro Exodus is a first-person shooter that combines survival, horror and exploration in post-apocalyptic Russia. Released on February 15, Metro Exodus is the much-anticipated third installment of the series that follows the events of the first two Metro games. We loaded up the game in 4K to explore the unique wasteland and claustrophobic tunnels, and we had a pretty great time doing so. (You can read all of our thoughts on the game in our full review.) We also captured hours of footage to show you different elements of the gameplay and map, including exploration through its distinct forests and deserts. If you’re not sure whether or not Metro Exodus is going to pull you in, just take a look at our first thirty minutes of gameplay in the video below.

The first few minutes of Metro Exodus set up the story beautifully, with chilling narration recapping the plot as we view the events that unfolded on the timeline out of the windows of a passing train. Out of the train windows, we see the underground cities established by survivors and eventually surface to the wasteland we are about to explore, and it is here that our own adventure begins. The landscape is icy and frozen, and we quickly take to the classic, claustrophobic Metro tunnels we know and love.

metro exodus hero

In addition to the footage we captured from the first thirty minutes of the game, we also explored the stunning regions of the open map. There is more to the map than just frozen cities — hit play on our video below to watch us traverse one of Metro Exodus’ gorgeous forests with a crossbow.

Another unique environment Metro Exodus showcases is the desert. The desert areas feel very different than the forests, with wide open expanses, rusted buildings and rocks everywhere. If you’d like to check out the awesome desert setting, be sure to watch our twenty minutes of desert gameplay footage below.

It’s awesome to explore the many different above-ground environments Metro Exodus has to offer, and we still have one more gameplay video for you. In the video below, we make our way through a winter wasteland and even take a boat from icy waters into some spooky tunnels. Press play below to watch some of our 4K winter gameplay.

What do you think of the different landscapes in Metro Exodus? Which one was your favorite? Did the first thirty minutes of the game tempt you into purchasing the game? Let us know in the comments down below, and for more video game content like this be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.