The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan Video Review – Until Dawn Fans Rejoice

Man of Medan Video Review

Despite the release of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood VR and The Inpatient, fans of the original Until Dawn title are still waiting for a true nod to the survival horror game they fell in love with over four years ago. As the first title in The Dark Pictures anthology Man of Medan is set to change all of this. But the question remains, will this series debut from Supermassive and Bandai Namco live up to its high expectations? You can check out our video review below to find out. 

You’ll embark on a tale of five friends who have set out on a fun and exciting diving trip in the hopes of discovering an old WWII shipwreck. Unfortunately, however, their journey takes a dark and twisted turn and this interesting cast of characters must fight for their survival every step of the way. Supermassive Games is known for its huge branching storylines and The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is no different. With huge consequential and possible life-ending decisions, because yes every player can die, the gameplay continuously keeps your heart rate up. 

Much like in Until Dawn, be prepared to make quick choices during the tensest moments of the game with little to no warning. This will be the difference between life and death. And though the narrative might be a tad predictable, Man of Medan has a lot to offer with gorgeous graphics and thrilling, horrifying moments from beginning to end and overall engaging and interactive gameplay that can be fun solo or with a group of comrades. Think you can keep each of the five friends alive? Even if you can’t, you can always play through it all again to see if different decisions will have different results. 

The Dark Pictures Anthology

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more information check out the game’s official website, and be sure to feast your eyes on our 9 minutes of terrific gameplay here.