Madden NFL 20 Video Review – Same Old Story, Same Old Song and Dance, My Friend

Madden NFL 20 Video Review

One of the begrudging facts about video games is that you can always count on a new iteration in a sports franchise each year without fail. What you might not imagine is that the problem comes from the fact game developers have tweaked and refined the mechanics of these games to perfection a while ago, and so the challenge has been finding new avenues to take the series without straying completely off the path. Enter Madden NFL 20; the latest entry in EA’s football franchise. Playing it safe seems to be their approach this year, so fans won’t be too shaken up over what else is bought to the table. Watch our video review below to see just what you can expect in Madden NFL 20.

Madden NFL 20 is the latest entry in the long running football franchise from EA Studios. The game not only features the expected graphical updates and enhancements, but also introduces the Face of the Franchise: QB1 story mode. Seen as an updated “Superstar mode” as featured in back in NFL 06, this new story mode will see custom players start in the College Football Playoffs and work their way up to being drafted into the NFL..

Madden NFL 20

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