Loop Hero Video Preview – An Infinite Adventure

Loop Hero Gameplay

Devolver Digital has built a reputation for publishing creative, engaging, and often ingenious titles. So when Loop Hero, a roguelike adventure, was announced, we were more than a little excited to get our hands on it; however, we weren’t prepared for the addictive onslaught at hand.

Loop Hero

Instantly you are thrown into a timeless loop where chaos has engulfed the world. Your task is to explore and rebuild, gradually bringing back order to the village. Throughout your journey, you’ll expand your deck of mythical cards and gain loot to develop heroes and survivor camps. All these elements are seamlessly merged into an enthralling adventure that will keep you hooked for months on end. Want to see more? Check out our preview below to see this game in action!

Loop Hero is due to be released in 2021, and you can read our full preview here. What are your thoughts on our preview? Are you a fan of roguelike games, if so which titles do you think are the best examples of the genre? As the game is published by Devolver Digital, are you going to check it out either way due to their track record of quality titles? Which Devolver Digital games are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on Youtube for more great video game content!