Marvel’s Avengers: Infiltrating an AIM Base in Warzone Gameplay Video

Marvel’s Avengers Beta – Warzone Gameplay

The big question every time a multiplayer RPG with looter mechanics drops is almost always, emphatically, “what is the end game like?” Gamers want to know when they invest in a game that will require grinding for randomly dropped loot that they won’t be doomed to repeat the exact same mission over and over again for no real purpose other than some bragging rights. We want to know there is plenty to see and do to get the best bang for our buck, and so with Marvel’s Avengers now in beta we’ve been given a small glimpse into one of the mission-types we can expect to see. Warzone’s are stand-alone missions not unlike, say, Destiny 2’s Strikes: players can queue up in teams of four or attack the mission solo with three AI allies to complete a task for new loot. Warzone’s appear to be relatively short, clocking in around the 15-20 minute mark based on what we see here in the beta. Are you curious just what a Warzone in Avengers might entail? Check out our video footage below.

Marvel’s Avengers is a multiplayer RPG that can be played with up to four players on a team or single player with three AI allies, carrying all the gear and upgrades you have unlocked for your own roster. The game will see the iconic team meet with tragedy early on and be forced to disband, leaving the world as we know it unprotected from villainy. Rising superhero and avid fan of the Avengers, Kamala Khan, sets out to bring the team back together once more for a brutal encounter against the rising power of AIM and their leader M.O.D.O.K.

Marvel's Avengers Beta Dates

Marvel’s Avengers is set to release on September 4 and will see a free update adding Hawkeye to the roster soon after launch. PlayStation 4/5 players will gain exclusive access to Spider-Man later on, with the potential for more heroes to follow in the future. Will you be playing Marvel’s Avengers? Have you tried out the beta yet? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.