Godfall Video Review – Shallow, Shiny Looter Shooter

Godfall Video Review

One of the most anticipated launch exclusives for the PlayStation 5, Godfall appeared and promised to deliver the first of its kind: the Looter Slasher. With truly gorgeous graphics and some phenomenal trailers, we went into Godfall expecting the next step forward in an amazing new franchise. With absolutely stellar visuals, a whole new world full of rich lore, and a number of complex, layered combat systems to customize your gameplay, Godfall definitely grabbed our attention… but was it for the right reasons? Check out our full video review below to see exactly what we had to say about this ambitious new looter from Gearbox Studios.

Godfall is a 1 to 3 player co-op looter slasher set in a unique fantasy realm. Players take on the role of Orin, one of the Valorian Knights who rallied together to defeat the gods and go on to lead campaigns alongside their brother, Macros, to rule over the other tribes. The game takes place after these events when Macros has turned his back on Orin and looks to use the power of an ancient spell to ascend to godhood. Players have access to 12 craftable Valorplates; armor sets made to represent each of the former gods and their abilities. These replace character classes in-game and can be swapped between missions. You can equip two of five different weapon styles at any given time to suit your style of combat while exploring the realms in search of missions, bonus missions, and loot. Godfall also features a number of upgradable combat mechanics such as weakpoints, breaks, and soulshatter, among many others to suit how you like to play. Despite being heavily advertised as an action RPG game, it plays far more like a classic dungeon crawler with an over the shoulder camera.

Godfall creative director

Godfall is currently available on PC and PlayStation 5. For more information, check out the game’s official website.