Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Video Review – Yuffie’s Excellent Adventure

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Video Review

Looking to fill the void as we all eagerly await Part 2, is Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. With improved visuals, customizable performance and a brand new episode starring fan-favorite Yuffie, does this release warrant another playthrough of the celebrated game?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

Harnessing the power of the PS5, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is a visual showcase. The attention to detail is astounding and helps to further immerse you in the glorious city of Midgard. With the ability to customize performance, players can opt for Graphics Mode which focuses on 4K resolution of Performance Mode which prioritizes FPS. Taking advantage of the new hardware, Intergrade also uses DualSense’s haptic feedback making battles feel even more dynamic. New to this edition is Yuffie’s story. Here, you get to play as the Wutai ninja as she attempts to steal materia from the Shinra Electric Power Company. With all these additions and improvements, is Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade worth revisiting? Find out below.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is available now of June exclusively on PlayStation 4 and 5. Want to learn more? Then check out our full review here. Are you excited to dig deeper into this gorgeous world with Yuffie’s story? Are you a fan of the franchise? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube for more great video game content.

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