Concrete Genie Video Review – Wondrous Wall Art

Concrete Genie Video Review

Regardless of whether you fancy yourself much of an artist or you’re just looking for a colorful story to dive into Sony’s latest in their first-party content lineup, straight from developer PixelOpus, is definitely one that’ll hit you straight in the feels. Offering up a sweet mix of artistic freedom and fun with puzzling puzzles and an emotional story Concrete Genie will pull you in from the very beginning. Not quite sure yet how to feel about it? Watch our full video review below for the entire breakdown.

Concrete Genie is about an imaginative teen with some serious artistic talent who uses his sketchbook as a way to escape his bullies. After discovering a mysterious paintbrush, his very dream of having his art come to life happens. Using his pieces of art to brighten not only his only life, but the others living in the darkened and polluted town of Denska, his genie sidekick helps him create magic and kick enemy butt. And if you’re looking to experience the game that’s set to pull on all your heartstrings, there’s also a VR game mode that makes the pops of color even more realistic.

Here’s what James had to say about his time with Concrete Genie, “Both the art and the narrative are suffused with the bittersweet power of nostalgia. Not that weaponized stuff Disney uses to carpet bomb whole demographics. No, this is a fine and fleeting thing that catches you the next day, a coffee cup halfway to your lips. It’s a short, steel rail line, but one that leads directly to halcyon summers and lingering sorrow. In other words, I highly recommend Concrete Genie.”

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