Call of Duty: WWII Gets First Look at DLC Called ‘Resistance’ and It Looks Awesome

Official Call of Duty: WWII – The Resistance DLC Pack 1 Preview

Today Activision released the official Call of Duty: WWII Resistance behind-the-scenes DLC trailer. Get a first look at each of the new MP maps, including Valkyrie, Anthropoid and Occupation, as well as the new War Mode experience and the next chapter of Nazi Zombies, The Darkest Shore.

Rise up against the enemy and take back your homeland.

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Call of Duty WWII is the latest in the Call of Duty series and stands out for creating a more realistic sense of the WWII experience by dialing back the outlandish gameplay mechanics to give the player something more authentic. Players will no longer heal over time, but rather require the attention of the squads medic.

There will also not be any advanced movement options such as double jumping or wall running as seen in the previous futuristic iterations of the series. The Campaign mode is set to be the most realistic and tragic experiences of the Call of Duty franchise yet, setting the player out in the Western Front with his fellow squad mates and showing just how terrifying the second world war really was. It does something to redeem itself and the stereotype of Call of Duty gamers when it creates an experience so profoundly emotional.

Source: Press Release