Breath of the Wild Time-Lapse Video Highlights Stunning Weather Effects & Day/Night Cycle

Breath of the Wild Time-Lapse Video

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is filled with beautiful environments and wonderfully designed enemies but one area that really stands out to us is the incredible lighting, weather effects and day/night cycles. We’re constantly stopping to soak in the eye candy and admire the surroundings. Especially when perched high atop a mountain. Which is exactly what led to this time-lapse of Breath of the Wild being made. We just had to share at least one stunning sunrise with you all and figured why not show you the full cycle! The time lapse covers roughly 17 in-game hours and is sped up 500% in order to showcase the gorgeous changes in atmosphere in just a few minutes.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch Top Screen

All of us at COGconnected can’t wait to share our full thoughts on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild when the review embargo lifts on March 2. In the meantime, enjoy this time-lapse and if you haven’t already, check out our 10 mins of rare Breath of the Wild Footage as well as our fun Nintendo Switch Unboxing!

The new Legend of Zelda launches March 3, 2017 for Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

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