Bayonetta 3 Video Review – A Sultry Step Forward

Bayonetta 3 Video Review

Traditional witches have brooms, pointy hats, and ugly faces. The Umbra witches guns, seductive walk cycles, and crazy-ass adventures to fight God or something. That is basically the expectation that has come with these games and Bayonetta 3 delivers.

The Bayonetta games are all about the over-the-top, high intensity action. The lore and story are there for you to feast on, but they kind of take a backseat to the shooting, flipping, and hair attacks. The story is also just as over-the-top as the action, so don’t feel bad if it is a little hard to digest.

Bayonetta 3 Review

Bayonetta 3 does a lot more to break up the gameplay loop than previous entries. Playing as Jeanne puts players into a completely different style of game. Instead of a 3rd person action game, there are side-scrolling and stealth sequences. Viola also is a change from Bayonetta’s usual combat. Instead of dodging attacks, she has to block in many cases.

Bayonetta herself has several different summonings that change the way players can traverse the area and fight in combat. New weapons, as well as summons, have greatly expanded her moveset to evolve the gameplay.

It may seem like a downside, depending on your tastes, but Bayonetta 3 is pretty much a non-stop high of crazy action sequences and boss fights. You might get numb to it, but there is certainly no lacking in that department.

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