Agony Video Review – More Like ‘Extreme Suffering’

Agony Video Review

Sleuthing through the nightmarish land of the dead in first person, surrounded by unspeakable horrors and twisted remains of humanity sounds like a pretty good time for a video game. Indie developer Madmind Studio has been hard at work trying to deliver just the kind of horrifying experience the masochist in all of us has been craving in the form of Agony, a first-person survival experience where you try to discover why you just so happen to be in hell. This sounds like a fantastic game, and the hype behind the sheer fear Agony will instill has been on the rise since its announcement and trailers, but how well does the finished product stack up? Check out our video review below to see what we had to say.

Agony is a first-person experience through the depths of hell. Billed as a survival horror, Agony sadly fails to reach that effect and comes out with a decidedly weaker experience of fear than initially expected. With lighting troubles, a short narrative, little to no direction to keep the game moving, and an over-reliance on sensationalizing twisted sexuality, you are more likely to open your mouth from yawning than a shocked scream. We had high hopes for this game and the empty spaces, lack of denizens, and dull surroundings made this feel like a work in progress more than a finished product.


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