7 Epic Things We Love About the Xbox One X

7 Things We Love About the All New Xbox One X

If I mention the console war to you, chances are you know exactly where you, your friends, and your friend’s friends stand in the war for superior gaming. If you are anything like us, you find yourself sitting comfortably in the center of venn diagram of gaming with an appreciation for all things video games, regardless of who happens to put the controller in our hands. Microsoft fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of Project Scorpio for what feels like an eternity and in what must feel like the longest couple of weeks, the Xbox One X will have finally arrived. There has been an uproarious debate with the consoles imminent release, re-invigorating the console debate for who is superior, but whether you are for or against Xbox there is no denying the appeal of what the Xbox One X has to offer.

Our very own Shawn Petraschuk and Paul Sullivan have had the opportunity to test out Microsoft’s latest digital baby at various events in recent months, but now – away from meddling hands and flashy showroom floors – they sit down with the console that is about to hit the market and see just what Xbox is bringing to the table. Check out this list of 7 things we love about the Xbox One X.

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is the third iteration of the Xbox One home gaming console and the third generation in the Xbox line which originally launched back in 2001. The One X features some of the most powerful specs on the market outside of custom built PCs, with its most attractive feature being its native 4K and absolutely phenomenal graphical output.

Xbox One X console above

The all new Xbox One X hits stores today and retails for $499.99 USD. For more information, check out the official website.