Watch Us Shoot The Swarm In 20 Minutes of Gears 5 Gameplay

20 Minutes of Chainsawin’, Swarm Shootin’ Action

Gears 5 is fresh out of the ground, bringing what is arguably some of the best of what the series is known for. Bringing together old friends and newer faces, you’ll get to peep them laying the hurt on the nefarious Swarm, the central antagonist in the latest entry to the long-standing run and gun shooter series that took the industry by storm. Featuring more guns than you can count, and a metric buttload of content, there’s plenty of reason to check out the game already, but if you still aren’t convinced, then catch this footage from Act 1 and see if you’re still on the fence.

Much like the subterranean creeps you put the boots to, the series as a whole as managed to keep things fresh, despite the occasional lowpoint. Gears 5 could be seen as a return to form though, and packs a ton of what fans have wanted into the latest entry. Resuming the role of Kait Diaz, Gears 5 has you picking up after the rather morbid end of Gears 4. She’s dealing with some serious trauma, but unfortunately, war waits for no one. Fortunately, she isn’t alone, and has some pretty reliable crew to fall back on like JD Fenix, Del, and the rest of the reformed COG troops. You hit the ground running but the thrills just keep getting bigger and bigger, making for a largely satisfying campaign, bolstered by some seriously beefy multiplayer options.

gears 5 JD

Gears 5 is available right now on PC and Xbox one, both via Standalone purchase and by Xbox Game Pass, so stop reading this and go kick some Swarm ass already!