Super Mutant Alien Assault Switch Review – Simple Yet Super

Super Mutant Alien Assault Switch Review

Super Mutant Alien Assault from Cybernate is a fast-moving retro-style 2D action shooter set in outer space. Essentially, the story is that you are a robot who has been charged to protect a spaceship you are on from alien attacks. Players make their way through three galaxies and 12 stages, with each subsequent one increasing in difficulty. While making your way through you will also unlock an extensive arsenal to use against the alien scum you face. It’s a fairly simple concept and that’s totally ok because in this sort of title, gameplay is king.

Gameplay and design are exactly what Super Mutant Alien Assault nail. The game design has a retro pixel vibe featuring crisp and clean graphics that allows players to easily see everything on the screen. Level and enemy design offers enough variety to keep you on your toes as well. Game objectives are also pretty straightforward as it’s all about how you survive and destroy your enemy that counts. You will use a wide range of guns and grenades that randomly appear in each level to attack the diverse number of enemies. Ammo is not unlimited though, so having to make each shot count keeps things interesting. You have to don’t fret too much either as there is always another item waiting to be stumbled upon. In some stages, a health vending machine will be available to replenish a portion of your health once it has loaded.

Aliens designs are creative, and each creature has different attacks and patterns to use against you. As levels get progressively tougher, the enemies become quicker and smarter. This adds to the addictive factor of these types of games. I found myself wanting to jump right back into a level to retry it because I knew if I was just smarter with my moves, or used a certain item quicker, I would have beat it.

Super Mutant Alien Assault Screen 01

While the sound effects and music fit the bill here, they are not overly memorable. The music is a techno, dub-step style that matches the fast-paced action gameplay. As the game’s enemies come at you from all angles, the music seems to pick up the beat resulting in you having to move more quickly to what is happening on the screen.  The music and sound effects keep up with all the action that is going on while the controls allow you to maneuver across the screen with relative ease. Super Mutant Alien Assault does offer a co-op mode with someone sitting beside you sharing the Switch controller. It also offers up an endless mode to give you a bit of replayability. However, this game will keep you entertained for only an hour or so as it’s not particularly long in this area.

Super Mutant Alien Assault has a long name and a lot of heart. The challenging gameplay mixed with sharp looking graphics and fairly good sound, all work to create an entertaining but short-lasting game. In the end it is an enjoyable little distraction when you just want to jump into a game and have only a small amount of time to do so.

**A Switch Code was provided for review**

The Good

  • Great graphics and level design
  • Fast-paced & addictive gameplay
  • Easy to pick up and play

The Bad

  • Short
  • Co-op feels like an afterthought