ROCCAT Vulcan 122 AIMO Mechanical Keyboard is Smart, Sleek, and Stylish

ROCCAT Vulcan 122 AIMO Mechanical Keyboard Review

I personally don’t do a lot of PC gaming. I prefer sitting on the couch with a controller in hand to sitting at a desk with a mouse and keyboard. I have, however, frequently been fascinated by the draw of a good mechanical keyboard. Something about the promise of a faster response time and a satisfying click beneath my fingertips. Recently I was given the opportunity to check out ROCCAT’s new Vulcan 122 AIMO gaming mechanical keyboard and I didn’t realize quite what a difference it could make not only to PC gaming, but PC use in general.

When I am not doing my utmost to give you, the readers of COGconnected, the latest news, reviews, features and more, I spend a lot of time writing. It’s a relaxing experience for me. I enjoy writing all manner of things, so the opportunity to really put this keyboard through its paces was one I was prepared for. Not only is each keystroke incredibly comfortable, but I found the highly-responsive actuation point – 1.8mm of the 3.6mm travel distance – to improve my words per minute drastically. I could let my mind wander as my fingers struck the keys and I was able to increase my writing output just by having a keyboard with a faster response time. Of course, that’s all well and good, but what about gaming?

Full Customization Beneath Your Fingertips

Having keys with a shorter response time, of course, means every millisecond of gaming is enhanced with better reaction times. Every key is remappable for whatever you may need and ROCCAT employs their new Titan-Switches on the Vulcan 122 AIMO. If you’ve ever used a mechanical keyboard you know that the keys stand out and can be subject to wobbling or instability from a loose base. These new Titan-Switches are designed to hold firm while being remarkably light-weight, resistant to dust and debris, and 20% faster in response. While it may just sound like fancy talk, the quality shows through in practice. It feels sleek and efficient. I really can’t stress enough just how easy and tacitly pleasing it is to use the Vulcan 122 AIMO.

Roccat Vulcan 122

The ROCCAT Vulcan 122 of course includes AIMO, ROCCAT’s next step in RGB technology which they have dubbed “Living Light.” The more the keyboard is used, it’s able to adapt and understand what kind of lighting and effects to use and when to use them during your gameplay. It’s something you really have to see to believe. This isn’t merely back-lit keys, either. You’ll be able to program a variety of effects and change color schemes on the fly. My favorite option is to tap a key and watch the colors ripple away from it with over 16 million color options to choose from. 

Of course, you don’t want that kind of distraction in-game so these options can be paused in Game Mode and a whole host of other customization features utilized. As someone who doesn’t play a lot of PC games, I found it phenomenally helpful to be able to make only the essential keys light up like a helpful cheat sheet, making it easier to find what I needed on the fly. The keyboard is also designed with an ultra-low profile, only just over an inch to the top of the keys. Not only is it easy on the wrists for extended gaming and writing sessions, but it comes with a magnetic palm rest which – while comfortable – is almost unnecessary given the low profile of the keyboard in general. 

Roccat vulcan 122

The Roccat Vulcan 122 AIMO is without a doubt the most comfortable mechanical keyboard I have used. Setting aside the gorgeous RGB light effects, the keyboard itself is ergonomically low-profile while maintaining incredibly tactile precision control. Each keystroke feels firm but fluid, and I believe my typing speed has improved due to the 1.8mm actuation point of the 3.6mm travel distance. It’s incredibly satisfying to use whether writing a report or playing a game, and it has set the bar for mechanical gaming keyboards. It’s a welcome addition to my PC setup and I continue to be impressed with its versatility and durability.

*Keyboard provided by the publisher*

The Good

  • Sleek Ergonomic Profile
  • Patented Titan-Switches
  • 1.8mm Actuation Point
  • Incredibly Customizable

The Bad

  • Customization Not Noob Friendly