Respawn-1010 Gaming Desk Review – Simple, Sleek, and Spacious

Incredible Value for Gamers and Then Some

Up until Respawn launched their new line of gaming desks, I never shared an insightful thought on a table. Now I realize there’s such a thing as an intuitive desk, the kind you’d consider gamer friendly. While I haven’t exactly inspected every desk worth its weight in metal or wood, I can say I’ve found a surface that’s damned convenient and spacious.

A plain feature of the Respawn-1010, pun intended, is the shelf propped above the table. As advertised, it’s built with a desktop monitor in mind, but any monitor could just as easily fit. A television monitor would fit, but I digress… If the monitor belongs on the shelf, then the keyboard and mouse fit on the deck proper, that wide 42-inch surface. The standard PC game station requires a tower, a monitor, and a keyboard, but the leftover space is as glaring as a Bethesda glitch. I’d say you can use the extra space for a cup of whatever you’re drinking, except there’s already a cupholder screwed to the side. Now I know what you’re thinking; with a cupholder, the desk practically sells itself, but you can spend an entire afternoon at your PC and forget there’s another side of it, which is why the cupholder fits on either. Pro tip: the cupholder should be latched onto the side opposite the rig.

Amazing Legroom

I found a use for the second holder, which is not a cupholder but a headphone hanger. I’ve always lopped my headphones wherever I pleased, haphazardly, which is why the hanger seems so novel and genius. Suppose you have two or more pairs of headphones, as I do, that’s fine. The hanger can hold three. Another remarkable aspect of this desk, probably my favorite, is the amount of legroom. My knees won’t brush against the tower unless I’m swiveling in my chair. While I’m on the subject, I should mention the desk’s compatibility with the Respawn-300 chair. Since I own both, I do appreciate the fact that the adjustable armrests don’t collide with the edge of the desk unless the chair is adjusted for max height.

I can’t take for granted the accessibility of the design, either. Respawn’s steel tube frame is different from the wooden boards I’m used to, a blessing to gamers who manage entire networks of cables. I don’t have to squeeze through any small slits or sockets in order to reach the wall plug-in; my whole torso fits through the frame. When I assembled the desk, then proceeded to connect my devices, I never hit my head once. On that note, I clocked in nearly two hours assembling the thing by myself.

Keep in mind, the desk is designed to fulfill basic gamer needs and then some. It’s not an office space for files or decorations, but the design isn’t limited to the needs of PC gamers either, as I have tested. The economy of space works well with a gaming console, and before I get slapped through my monitor for heresy, I should explain. Height clearance between the shelf and the desk is 4 ¾ inches (120.65mm), and the length is 18 inches (460mm), which is large enough to hold the biggest new-generation console, the Day One Xbox One. You can check the math. In other words, the desk can situate any console, all its wires, and still reserve space for a keyboard beside a controller or two. This would lead to one hell of a wired setup, but I guarantee that it’s manageable. And because the package contains two attachable platforms, there’s no need to sacrifice tabletop space for speakers.

Other Uses

Believe it or not, the Respawn-1010 is also great for digital artists. Sure, it’s a gaming desk, but I still had to try everything applicable. If you’re an artist with a mobile studio, you can save some desk real estate by tucking the keyboard under the shelf. My 22-inch display fits rather snugly on the surface, without feeling cumbersome or restricting access to the computer monitor. It’s a convenience I don’t take for granted. There’s just one major downside to the desk, and it’s that I couldn’t fit the printer to save my life. Since administrative workers aren’t the target consumer, I think we can let that slide. This is not an all-purpose desk, but it’s incredibly dynamic.

Like I said, the frame is great if you have to wade through cables and wires. Personally, it lets me switch between devices with ease, be it a laptop, game console, or mobile studio. Despite its marketing schtick, the Respawn-1010 Desk helps more than just gamers; its value is undeniable to digital junkies, value being the keyword. Cheaper products are usually too simple for a creative station, and competitive stations will overcompensate with the price. Here’s a desk for people in the middle. Robust with amenities, most important of all it never left me without room for my coffee mug.

***Gaming Desk Provided By Developer***

The Good

  • Works for varied setups
  • Plenty of legroom
  • Perfect if you manage a lot of wires
  • Cup holder

The Bad

  • Not a damn thing can be stored in this desk