Razer Panthera Dragon Ball FighterZ Edition Review – High Quality, Combat Ready

Razer Panthera Dragon Ball FighterZ Edition

At first glance, the Razer Panthera Dragon Ball FighterZ Edition is a sight to behold, with the arcade fight stick’s vibrant orange build, and slick Dragon Ball FighterZ artwork on the top. As a casual fan of fighting games over the years, most of my experiences with them have come by way of standard controllers, save for a few events here and there. With that said, I have only heard of the joys of an arcade fight stick, so I was eager to give the Razer Panthera a try.

As noted above, the Dragon Ball FighterZ Edition of the Razer Panthera has a build that is primarily orange on the sides, with the Dragon Ball FighterZ artwork on the top. The artwork features some of the most iconic characters of the franchise: Goku, Gohan, Vegeta (all in their Super Saiyan forms), Frieza, Cell, and Buu. The art also stages the characters into a sort of a three-vs-three scenario, echoing the gameplay of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Lastly, the eight buttons on the face of the arcade fight stick are also colored in orange and are appropriately decorated as the seven Dragon Balls (with one blank).

razer panthera dragon ball fighterz top

Just like the art and design of the Dragon Ball FighterZ Edition, the Razer Panthera is simply quality in terms of its build. From the sturdy overall frame, right down to the clickiness of the ten buttons and the eight-way joystick, the Razer Panthera features an overall quality build. The base of the Razer Panthera also features a non-slip base for those extra intense battles, and the arcade stick felt just as comfortable on my lap, which bodes well for those without much space. In addition to the surface area of the Razer Panthera, the arcade stick can also open, featuring internal storage such as for its detachable USB cable as well as an included screwdriver. It should also be noted that the USB cable is 3 meters (or 9.8 ft) long and should serve most players’ needs.

Razer Sharp Precision

With the Razer Panthera built well and looking nice, it came as no surprise that the arcade stick performed as expected. The buttons were just as responsive as I have ever experienced on a regular controller, and I found that the joystick made for some more precise movements for use in button combos. For those in a similar position as me, getting used to an arcade stick could be a bit of a learning curve, but it would undoubtedly be worth the effort for those serious about fighting games. In addition to the learning of an arcade stick in general, wrapping my head around the opposite placements of the R and L buttons threw me for a bit of a loop at first.

Overall, the Razer Panthera is a robust arcade fight stick, and the Dragon Ball FighterZ Edition is a sight to behold. This arcade fight stick is designed well, looks great, and plays superbly. While the device worked well enough for a relative beginner like myself, it is fully mod-capable for those looking to fine tune the device to their needs. While the cost of the Dragon Ball FighterZ Edition of the Razer Panthera may be a bit steep at $219.99 USD, the peripheral is worth its price.

*** A Razer Panthera Dragon Ball FighterZ Edition arcade fight stick was provided by Razer ***

The Good

  • Feels durable
  • Looks great
  • Plays excellently

The Bad

  • A bit pricey
  • Learning curve for controller players