Marvel’s Spider-Man: Silver Lining DLC Review – A Satisfying Finale

Spider-Man’s Final DLC Was a Fun Time But Don’t Expect Many Surprises

The third and final DLC chapter for Marvel’s Spider-Man, subtitled “Silver Lining”, will be pretty familiar to those who’ve played the base game before but it’s a thrilling conclusion to the post-game’s DLC story arc nonetheless.

Silver Lining picks up where the previous DLC chapter, Turf Wars, left off: Hammerhead is still alive after being seemingly killed by Spider-Man’s favorite cop, Yuri Watanabe, and he still has plans to take over New York City.

This time, he’s wreaking havoc on the Big Apple with stolen Sable International technology and it’s up to our quick-witted webhead hero to stop him. However, Spidey won’t be taking Hammerhead on alone. Silver Sable returns and she’s her usual self: terse, angry, and determined to accomplish her goals. She has her laser pistol sights on Hammerhead and while she seems like a cold-blooded mercenary outwardly, Silver Sable’s motivations in Silver Lining aren’t what they initially appear to be.

With the two reluctantly deciding to team up, Spider-Man and Silver Sable’s character dynamic was a predictable one (with the former being the goofy jokester and the latter being the stone-faced straight woman) but it was still entertaining to watch in action.


I wish I could’ve said the same for the main antagonist of all three DLC chapters, Hammerhead. He didn’t leave much of an impression on me in the previous two chapters and, in Silver Lining, he was still a dull, generic villain that had me shrugging through all of his cutscenes.

When it came to the main story itself, I’d say that it progressed with a brisk pace and was compelling enough to hold my attention until the final boss fight (which was pretty exciting in its own right). Overall, I’d estimate that all of Silver Lining’s story missions could be beaten in a single three or four hour sitting.


As for the side content, Silver Lining has tough Hammerhead bases, a standout investigatory questline that sets up a possible antagonist for the sequel, Screwball’s zany challenges, and more street crimes that involve Hammerhead’s goons. This stuff was mostly the same old busywork you’ve seen before but Spider-Man’s strong combat gameplay stopped the combat-focused content from getting too repetitive.

Silver Lining didn’t surprise me much but it was a fun enough time overall. With a price of $10, I’d say that it’s worth picking up to conclude Spider-Man’s DLC story arc. Just don’t expect anything mind-blowing.

Silver Lining is the final part of the Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps DLC pack. We’ve reviewed the two previous parts, The Heist & Turf Wars, and you should also read those reviews if you’re interested in buying the whole pack (which currently costs $24.99).

*Reviewed with a PS4 digital code provided by the publisher*

The Good

  • Silver Sable’s interactions enjoyable
  • The story is compelling
  • The final boss fight enjoyable

The Bad

  • The side content disappointing
  • Hammerhead was an unremarkable villain