Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition Review – A Stellar, Stress-Free Platformer

Gravity Ghost Deluxe Edition Review

Gravity Ghost is one of the most relaxing platformers I have ever played. The emotions it gives me are a mixture of happiness, contentment, and melancholy, and these feelings allow me to understand the depth of Gravity Ghost’s narrative and what it means to be alive. As strange as this sounds for a platformer, Gravity Ghost holds a certain charm that brings out the magic of adolescence and the pain of heartbreak, revealing elements of a human life into an enchanting story that many will be able to relate to and appreciate.

Set in the night sky with stars and planets surrounding us, we play as Iona, a young girl travelling through the cosmos in search of her fox friend. Through short and creative levels, we catch a glimpse into different parts of the galaxy in a beautifully hand-painted 2D world as Iona hops around planets, collects trinkets, grows her hair, captures animal spirits and reunites them with their bones, and explores many worlds in her adventure.

In each level we will see a door, and this door will allow us to proceed to the next level. To open this door, Iona must find and touch a golden star – sometimes it is easy to see, and other times it is quite the challenge to collect. Collecting these stars also unlocks parts of the map that we are not able to access at the beginning, which gives the stars more meaning than just proceeding to the next level.

Feel the Gravitational Pull

As the name of the game Gravity Ghost suggests, we get to utilize gravity in order to succeed in this platformer. When we jump around, we may need to apply different planets’ gravitational pulls in order to orbit and land in the correct spot. Over the course of the game, Iona will encounter planets with different elements and properties, as well as learn new abilities that will help her bend the rules of this world. Since most planets have a gravitational pull, Iona will never jump too high or lose her place. This is because planets will always pull Iona back to the center, allowing us to keep trying until we succeed in capturing stars to proceed to the next level. This also means we will never fail and have to start a level over again, as we can never wander too far or “die”.

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While the game provides a peaceful and relaxing experience, it is not for those looking for a challenging platformer. Of course, this makes it an excellent choice of game to play after a long day at work. However, as long as you keep zooming around each level, eventually you will get the hang of it and succeed. There is a bit of trial and error, but a lot of it is based on relying on the game’s physics rather than your thought process and strategy. For myself, I would have liked a bit more control over where Iona goes, but at the same time the game’s movements were too intriguing and unique to ignore.

Beautifully and Musically Crafted

Along with its beautiful paintings and visuals, Gravity Ghost has a haunting soundtrack that I would purposely leave on to listen to in the background. It is the perfect marriage of eye and ear candy, and combined with a calming gameplay where we never fail, the overall experience is truly comforting. The story line feels magical yet surprisingly real, which I think is in part due to the well-placed cutscenes that help you feel a little more of what the characters are going through. Not to mention the cutscenes are voiced, and although short the voices and characters’ brief expressions help bring extra life to the story.

A stunning game capable of bringing joy to those who play it, Gravity Ghost provides a phenomenal experience where our eyes and ears beg for more. With a heartfelt narrative and a beautiful soundtrack, it not only provides a visual experience but also incredible gravity physics and movement. It is a great addition to any library as it is easy to pick up, is surprisingly relaxing, and helps you wind down after a long day.

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The Good

  • Stunning visuals and beautiful soundtrack 
  • Relaxing and peaceful gameplay  
  • Easy to learn 



The Bad

  • Does not challenge platforming skills enough