Call of Duty: Ghosts – Devastation DLC (Xbox One) Review – It’s Got the Predator in it, Need We Say More

Call of Duty Ghosts latest DLC apply titled Devastation isn’t the worst batch of DLC we have seen from the franchise but it’s not the best either.  By in large this is your standard CoD content drop.  It has four new maps, a new weapon, new Extinction Level and the Predator himself makes an appearance in the same way Michael Myers sliced his way in Ghosts first round of DLC.  There is no question Devastation gives some legs to Ghosts and the new maps are a heck of a lot of fun.  Will this be enough to pull the masses away from Titanfall and back into everyone’s beloved multiplayer shooter?  Not likely but your CoD Faithful should be satisfied.

If you don’t have a seasons pass and are ready to make the $15.00 dollar plunge, you will want to play “Ruins” right off the hop.  This map takes places in a multi-level Mayan temple.  It is a little on the larger side but most of the battles take place towards the middle of the map.  There are many under passage ways making for some fantastic close quarter combat.  I wasn’t all that surprised to see many equipped with shot guns racking up the kills.  It looks great and is incredibly detailed but you aren’t jumping into this map for its lush environments.  There is a little surprise waiting for you in this map.

If you complete “Ruins” unique Field Order, you then have the ability to become one of Hollywood’s most menacing creatures, the Predator.  As the Predator, you come equipped with his trademark wrist blades and a shoulder mounted plasma cannon.  Using his thermal hunter vision, the Predator goes on a killing rampage and much like a Juggernaut he’s a bitch to take down.  The Predator only seems to make the appearance once per round but when he arrives, it’s awesome and only makes me want to return to that map so I can have a go playing as the Predator.

The next best map in my view has to be “Collision”.  This map takes on the remains of a cargo ship that somehow smashed into a New York City bridge.  Granted this is yet another cargo ship map, and over the years we have seen our fair share of them.  Yet the level of detail in this map and the frantic close quarter combat is a hoot.  I seemed to have the most success in this map as it works perfectly with my run and gun style of play.  This map also has a specific Field Order where you can take control of a heavily armed aircraft and mow down enemies from above.  All in all, it’s a fantastic addition to Ghosts library of multiplayer maps.

Next up we have a reimagined map.  What would CoD DLC be without an old map that has been given a fresh coat of paint?  “Unearthed” is a new version of “Dome” from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.  I am a little puzzled why “Dome” was the chosen map as I was never a fan of it.  This being said, my playtime on the map was reasonably enjoyable and well it looks much better than it did in MW3.

Last but not least of the new maps is “Behemoth” which drops you atop a large excavation platform in South America.  For all you sniper whores out there, this map is for you.  There are long sight lines and plenty of spots to hunker down to pick off enemies.  There are some indoor locations for some close combat yet this is one map you will want to have a weapon that can take enemies down at long range.

If you downloaded Ghosts first batch of DLC then you know it included the first installment in Extinction’s four-part episodic narrative with “Episode 1: Nightfall.” With Devastation you get “Episode 2: Mayday”.  Episode 2 builds on the existing storyline but let’s face it, this is not much of a story here.  This being said the new episode will be a welcome addition for Extinction fans.  If you are playing on your own, you won’t last long but with friends this Episode is a hoot.

As I mentioned Devastation included a new weapon which has quickly become my favorite.  This new weapon is called the “Ripper”.  It is a hybrid SMG/Assault Rifle.  By simply aiming down sight and pressing down on the right analog stick, the gun switches from SMG to Assault rifle.  I preferred playing with the gun in its SMG form as the rate of fire was solid.  While in Assault rifle mode, the amount of recoil takes some getting used to.  Nevertheless, having the option to switch back and forth in game is tactical advantage when compared to many other guns.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is now batting two for two when it comes to its downloadable content offerings.  Sure the $15.00 dollar price tag is a tad hefty but when you consider you get four incredibly detailed maps, a new weapon that kicks ass, a new Extinction level and let’s not forget the Predator, Devastation is solid.  Period.


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