Cake Bash Review – A Short and Sweet Surprise

Cake Bash Review

High Tea Frog has baked something sweet with Cake Bash, a party game that allows up to four players to fight it out in a variety of different mini-games. But does the game need more time to bake or is it sweet enough as is?

Cake Bash is one of the most aesthetically pleasing games I have seen in a while. The visuals are adorable pastel-coloured pixels, each character is unique, and the level design allows players to have fun within this colorful world. High Tea Frog took the idea of a cake/dessert-themed game and really ran with it. The attention to detail that is included, combined with level design really makes for some really enjoyable gaming. While I was researching this game and discovering more about developer High Tea Frog, I learned that they are a fairly new indie studio that started operations in 2017, featuring previous developers from Ubisoft. It is so refreshing to see developers take their talent, branch out, and create a new company!

Cake Bash is a mini-game-based title that focuses on cakes fighting to become the tastiest treat of them all. While the concept might seem simple, Cake Bash is more than just that. There is a ton of variety in terms of mini-game design which equates into different gameplay experiences. Some games have you collecting the most jellybeans while another one has you throwing fruit into a pie (look out for the pigeon who will try to steal your fruit!). You can tell that High Tea Frog took the time to make each mini-game unique and creative while sticking to the cake/dessert theme.

How Sweet It Is

Cuteness does not even begin to describe this game, especially the characters. They are “deliciously drawn to life” desserts with unique flavours to match their design. For example, Clair is an Eclair (hahaha get it?), Chip is a muffin, Ringo is a doughnut, etc. The music and sound design fits perfectly with the game’s vibe: cute and upbeat. Cake Bash rewards players for doing well in the different mini-games, which gives you some incentive to replay or top your highest score. Rewards include new flavours and skins for your cake character, allowing you to completely customize your character too, right down to the colour of icing. It is little things like this that not only demonstrates the developer’s attention to detail, but it is something that players will remember.

But with that said, we know the game itself and the characters are cute – but does it play well? Thankfully, the honest answer is yes! Cake Bash is as fun as it is cute! It is so easy to pick up this game and play, but should you need it, there is a tutorial for each mini-game to teach you how the mechanics work. It is simple to move around the screen and jump while avoiding enemies and it is easy to pick up items or use weapons to attack. Each mini-game provides a unique experience, and the gameplay that could make or break this game; fortunately, it doesn’t break it. In addition, there are a few options to play these games, either select each one individually or you can “Get Tasty” by playing a series of games to become the tastiest cake of all!

The game also offers up some multiplayer madness. Being able to play online or locally with up to a total of four players creates a really fun and competitive experience. Players will constantly want to play another round just to beat someone or play again because the game was so much fun it had them screaming at the screen. For what this game is, it does it very well. This is the style of game you play with friends for a few hours, have fun, and get competitive.

Cake Bash delivers on both style and substance, the game is extremely cute and  fun to play. The unique variety of mini-games keeps players engaged and allows Cake Bash to stand out from the crowd. The only downside is that the single-player experience may become a bit boring once you’ve mastered the gameplay. However, Cake Dash is a great party game to play locally or online, and is a refreshing take on these styles of games. If you are looking for a new way to connect with your friends or family, I think this would be an excellent choice. Cake Bash is as sweet as it looks.

*** A review code was provided by the publisher ***

The Good

  • Bright, creative visuals
  • Customization
  • LOTS of fun

The Bad

  • Short game
  • Limited replayability in Single Player
  • Can get tiring due its simplicity