The Mortal Kombat 1 Pre-Order Beta is Bloody Brilliant

Mortal Kombat 1 Pre-Order Beta Impressions

Mortal Kombat is a historic franchise and a pillar of the fighting genre. With its reboot merely a few weeks away, NetherRealm has released another Beta, cranking up the excitement for the 12th mainline entry. After hours of dismembering and disemboweling, it’s clear to see that MK1 is shaping up to be another flawless victory.

Although a narrative reboot, mechanically the game continues to build off the solid foundations of MK11. Combos are fluid and move sets are varied. The new Kameo feature helps to give this iteration its own identity. Similar to Marvel vs. Capcom, you can extend combos with a guest character which opens up a range of new offensive possibilities. With the hit of a button, your chosen character will dive in and throw an attack. You can then use this to extend your chain of attack which opens new options. Grabs and Fatal Blows also see your two characters combine to unleash a brutal attack which is sure to make your stomach turn.

Smile for the Camera

Johnny Cage and Li Mei have been added to this version of Beta and they both play extremely well. Cage oozes character. His Tom Cruise-style persona is hilarious and this runs throughout his moves. While staples return such as his shadow kick and the good ol’ splits and uppercut to the balls, new attacks build on his over-the-top personality. In one example, he smashes his opponent’s head into the camera, then proceeds to take the game cam and crush his foe with it. The way they link to his Hollywood roots yet maintain the extreme violence is fantastic and I can’t wait to experience what the other characters have in store for us,

Li Mei substitutes Cage’s arrogance for elegance. With the ability to unleash a purple ball of energy, Li Mei is a unique character who distinguishes herself from the pack. She is also joined by others from the original Beta: Sub-Zero, Kenshi, Kitana and Liu Kang. Although many of these are icons from the franchise, the reboot allows NetherRealm to reimagine the characters. While their move sets remain largely the same, their appearance and stories differ which makes me excited to experience the story mode when the full game releases.

Slick Moves and Stable Net Code

Online matches in the previous Beta were a little hit and miss, however, I haven’t encountered any issues in this one. Fights were smooth with almost no input lag which made battles feel like a test of skill. In addition to this, there’s the Klassic Towers which pits you against a pre-determined number of opponents. Although currently short on options, I’m excited to see what NetherRealm adds to the full game as they usually pack their titles with a ton of content.

Mortal Kombat is a bloody, brutal fighter that could be the best release in the franchise’s long and celebrated history. Not only does it look incredible, but there’s also a stunning cinematic quality to the presentation which adds flair and style to the game. Will you be picking up the game when it releases on the 19th of September? Is this enough to pry you away from Capcom’s Street Fighter 6? Or do you prefer 3D fighters and are waiting for Bandai Namco’s Tekken 8? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube for some great video game content.

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