RAD Preview – Ride the Vaporwave with a Keytar Paladin

Post-Apocalyptic Adventure RAD Promises Bright 80’s Fun

Currently, in closed beta, the latest Double Fine title, RAD, has entered with an 80’s-tinged post-apocalyptic top-down adventure game. Behind bright, laser light colors and a paladin playing a Keytar, is an expectantly polished survival adventure game.

At the start, you get the opportunity to play as one of three teenage protagonists lauded as the future of a potentially dying civilization. You begin in the Capitol City of Fallow Through the power of the Keytar, you are transformed into a radiation-soaking power machine. The more radiation, or RAD, that you soak up, the more you mutate to become a more powerful version of yourself to take out mutation beasts (or “muties”) and fix the Respirators to bring life and power back to the surrounding area and your settlement.

Brings you back… to the FUTURE!

Players who are fans of the Vaporwave trend that seems to be rocking our world right now will find a lot of great 80’s nostalgia in RAD totally on trend for the moment. Playability and self-competition are the name of this game. Every time you die, you start again and try to push further and further to achieve goals.

The adventures in RAD are endless in this game, all maps are procedurally generated, so you will never get the same map surrounding the Fallow twice. Between the map rotation and the constant evolution of your character through radiation mutation, this game promises to deliver a constantly evolving experience. Play modes include endless adventures and daily challenges so you can always challenge yourself and compare yourself against community leaderboards.

Along with RAD’s gameplay comes more unlockables: Characters, more powerful bats, and more mutations. In game currency is in the form of tapes and objectives are in the form of floppies and quests. This vivid adventure offers up a lot of high-volume 80s good fun. RAD will be available on all consoles and PC Summer of 2019.

*** RAD PC key provided by the publisher ***