Hit the Links in March With EA Sports PGA Tour

Hit the Links in March With EA Sports PGA Tour

The sun sets on the 18th hole, casting a warm glow over the lush greens as you line up your final putt. The tension is palpable, your heart racing as you take one last look at the hole before your shot. It’s in the cup. The crowd erupts. It’s this feeling of bliss only golf provides that EA Sports is dedicated to capturing with the newest, seemingly most realistic and immersive golf game in years. Say hello to EA Sports PGA Tour.

My first impressions of EA’s upcoming golf simulator have been nothing but positive. As you step onto the fairway, you’ll feel like you’re really there, the grass beneath your feet, the wind rustling through the trees. Once again, the Frostbite engine – most notably powering the Fifa franchise – provides one of the most beautiful, detailed experiences you can have in sports gaming.

So Many Places to See

This is no more true than when looking at the impressive list of 30 courses available at launch. From the rolling hills of Scotland to the legendary Augusta National, you’ll be able to play on some of the most beautiful and iconic courses in the world. Each fairway, green, and bunker has been hand-crafted with the utmost love and care using a drone and on-course footage. In addition, EA managed to acquire comprehensive, real-life data pertaining to each course to guarantee every blade of grass is as it should be.

While mastering each course’s nuances is essential, you’ll also need to focus on learning the Pure Strike swing mechanics. Each pro featured throughout PGA Tour has had their actual swing captured, making no two feel alike. This also rolls over to shot trajectory, meaning you’ll see differences in how the ball flies off the tee for each golfer. Take a drive with Scottie Scheffler, and you’ll notice a considerable difference when shooting with Jordan Spieth, for example.

Holding My Breath

Granted, while the prospect of a new golf game is exciting, I am concerned that it may not live up to expectations based on EA Sports’ track record with sub-par innovation over the last decade. Sure, PGA Tour has been delayed for almost two years. Time which I can only imagine, has been spent ensuring they won’t once again be a laughing stock come launch day. But every time I’ve found myself getting pumped for a new golf game, I have had to remind myself to keep my expectations in check. Don’t get me wrong – I can’t wait. I just don’t want my heart to get broken again, you know?

Mark your calendars for March 24th. As much as I love 2K’s latest effort, EA Sports PGA Tour looks to be on another level. Not only is the detail in the courses and players phenomenal, but EA also seems to have captured the excitement of golf. For too long, golf games have missed what it means to hit a championship-winning putt on the 18th. Come March; I hope to see PGA Tour’s developers agree with me.

We’re about two months away, and it feels like two years. Take me to the links!

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