Fracked Is a Fracking Fun First Person VR Shooter

Fracked PSVR Preview

There’s no denying the fact that the PSVR is showing its age especially what it comes to the limited tracking because of the camera and use of light-based peripherals. The re-use of the PS3 era Move controllers draws extra ire from detractors. However some developers have been able to take the Moves and use them quite effectively. Rush of Blood, a launch title, is one game to do so. Saints and Sinners is another. Time to add another game to that list, and to the PSVR Exclusive list too, with Fracked.

Fracked is a blend of Uncharted & Blood and Truth plus a dash of James Bond – Goldeneye. Developed by UK based nDreams, Fracked is a PS Move only and with good reason. nDreams is boasting that the game environment and player interaction is handled on a 1:1 scale. After playing the released demo, I can confirm this.

Try to Escape the Avalanche

The demo lets you play the first levels of the game. You start out on skis amongst a mountain range. A helicopter zips in and drops off some gear for you to communicate with the pilot. You then begin to ski, steering by tilting the headset. After allowing you to become acclimatized to the steering mechanism, things quickly ramp up. You have to out-ski an avalanche while your Move controllers vibrate madly to accentuate the rapidly approaching snow slam.

From that opening sequence you land into a mountain fracking facility where an army known as the Fracked are up to no good. It is here that the 1:1 scale really stands out. The crates, barrels, doorways, stairs and well, everything are done to scale. Even your virtual hands are done to scale so at first glance they seem too large. Especially when compared to other virtual hands you may have used. Many VR games present a virtual world but Fracked really makes you feel like you are in a virtual world.

This is most evident with Fracked’s ingenious cover system. To take safety from enemy fire you must grab an object, say a crate or railing, which will then allow you to duck and cover. From there you can lean out or up to return fire. Simple yet brilliant in adding to your immersion. When you add to the cover mechanism, fast-paced shootouts on foot with a free running locomotion system, it all adds up to a lot of fun.

Complex Level Design

Movement is not restricted to one plane either. You can also climb via hand over hand mechanics. Adding verticality to the game allows for more complex level design. Combat is controlled by the player too. Not only do you aim weapons but you need to reload and cock them too. This is all done via tactile feedback with the Move controllers. Fracked’s presentation is bright, colorful and done in a cell-shaded art style that the PSVR excels at. The game looks very much like Borderlands VR in that respect.

PSVR may be entering its twilight phase with the impending release of PSVR2 in 2022 but exclusive games like Fracked, coming out on August 20th, look to make that transition a graceful one.

*** PSVR code provided by the publisher ***