F1 Manager 23 Preview – New Season, New Options

F1 Manager 23 Preview

One of the biggest enjoyments sports fans has is being an armchair quarterback. Last year, game developer Frontier Developments satisfied that itch for F1 Racing fans. The launch of their motorsport manager sim F1 Manager 22, filled a gap in the racing manager sim market left empty since Sega’s 2016 Motorsport Manager.

Another year brings a new sports season. So in mid-June 2023, Frontier Developments provided COG Connected the opportunity to preview the new features they have added to F1 Manager 23. With F1 Manager 22, you oversaw all aspects of running such an enterprise. You managed all on and off-track activities. They position F1 Manager 23 to deepen that experience.

With a year’s worth of experience and customer feedback, Frontier Development has updated F1 Manager 23. It comes with an impressive list of new or expanded features. The primary goal for the 2023 edition is to add greater depth to the game and give the player more control over every aspect of the game.

To provide players with more race info and feedback, they expanded the functionality of the Race Replay. So they added a couple of new modes. Starting Grid lets you not only simulate a real-world race, and its attendant weather conditions, but you can also pick a team and control them.

More Options, More Controls

Another mode, Race Moments, is a challenge mode. Specific scenarios will be available for you to tackle to see if you can surpass the real-world result. In conjunction with replays, they added a new camera mode, Visor Cam. This puts you closer to action and, like the other views, you can jump from driver to driver.

Areas of team management you will have greater control over are the Driver and Staff Development and Car Part Development. You must also handle the Sporting Director, Pit Management, and Cost Cap management. There is also the addition of F2 & F3 races so you can scout new talent.

Also expanded, to add to the immersion, on the racing-related front, is the Team Radio & Commentary. Team radio chatter will include the relaying of driver commands from the pit boss to the driver via the race crew. There is a greater variety of messages to make them more contextually relevant. A new feature will be a commentary on specific events like accidents, takeovers, or spins.

Not only will F1 Manager 23 feature more racing line variations, but a greater variety of incidents most common on turn 1. So you can expect overtakes, wheel-to-wheel battling, running wide on corners, and rejoining the track circuit to name a few. You will also have a greater array of driver instructions, which increases the tactical depth of the races.

Tire Time

Frontier Developments also expanded tactical considerations with an improved tire model. In the 23 edition, carcass and surface temperatures are both simulated. So tire temps have a greater impact on race performance. Higher temps will degrade them quicker while low temps result in loss of grip. Beyond how hard you instruct the drivers to push, ambient air temperatures also have an impact.

F1 Manager 23 launches on July 31, 2023, in two configurations: base and deluxe editions. The deluxe edition will give you four days of early access plus an exclusive scenarios pack with 12 unique scenario challenges.

It will be available for previous and current-gen versions of the PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam.

Frontier Developments has shown a commitment to improving their game. Based on my hands-on testing, F1 Manager 23 is set to deliver a deeper and more realistic racing sim.