Anna’s Quest Preview – Unique, Enjoyable Point & Click Adventure

Anna’s Quest, as you may have guessed, follows a girl named Anna who is on a quest. Her particular quest is to find a cure for her grandfather’s illness by leaving her loving home and stepping into the darkness of the outside world. Unfortunately, a witch named Winfriede abducts Anna and proceeds with an experiment on her. With the success of the experiment, Anna gains the ability to use telekinesis which aids her in overcoming the various obstacles she encounters throughout the game.

Anna’s Quest is your classic and straightforward point & click adventure game that has you explore the world with puzzles and curiosity by inspecting the environment. You’ll collect items that you’ll need to combine together, use in the environment, or fulfill requirements with to get you closer to finding a cure for Anna’s grandfather. In addition you’ll interact with other characters to form friendships, gain more information, or even obtain an ally.

While at times items that need to be combined didn’t necessarily make complete sense, it only occurred a few times. Also, at some parts I found that I knew what actions to proceed with, but had to follow the flow of the game in its order to do the action. For example, I would have to “look” at the particular environment first, have Anna realize or be aware of it, then proceed with the action in another area. It did stump me a few times not realizing I had to have Anna look at it herself and not just me knowing that a particular action needs to be done. However, it’s not a major issue as it’s the way the game is programmed to flow.


“There are mysteries, hidden messages, and underlying themes presented in the game that makes it much more profound than it appears at face value. “

The dialogue doesn’t use overly complex words or concepts that make your head pound. Instead, it’s simple and easy to understand, but at times contains underlying messages. There are mysteries, hidden messages, and underlying themes presented in the game that makes it much more profound than it appears at face value. There’s also some black humour that adds to the fun and creepiness within the game. You also have choices between certain questions or inquiries that Anna can ask to learn about important information needed, or other mysteries within the world of Anna’s Quest.

The game has a unique art style that’s packed with a peculiar, charming, and fairytale-esque ambience. Although simple, it’s actually what makes the world of Anna’s Quest unique and seamless to enjoy and appreciate. The characters, environment, and animation all fit perfectly to present and express the right moods.


Meanwhile, the voice acting is superb and is one of the most enjoyable I’ve heard in quite a while. With different accents, styles, and portrayals of the various characters, the voice acting is just one of the many admirable features of Anna’s Quest.

Anna’s Quest embodies the classic point & click adventure gameplay, but mixes in its own art style, unique atmosphere, and style of black humour. At face value, Anna’s Quest might not seem to entail much, but that’s far from the truth. Underneath its enjoyable art and simple dialogue reside elements that are meaningful and more abstract making the game enjoyable for all ages. Definitely check out Anna’s Quest for an enjoyable and unique point & click adventure when it releases.

***A PC preview code was provided by the Publisher***