Mastering TopSpin 2K25: How to Maximise Each Shot

What Does Each Shot Do?

It can be daunting for a a player to know the difference between each shot type and when to actually use them. Well, fear not as here is a quick guide on how and when to use each shot in TopSpin 2K25.

TopSpin 2K25 Review

Controlled Shot

This a precise shot that allows you to accurately place the ball where you want it. While it offers less risk, it is also a lot slower than other methods. This can be performed with a quick tap of the button but make sure you also use your analog so that you can direct the ball to the exact location that you want.

Power Shot

Connecting with a power shot feels great. If you hold the button long enough and get the timing spot on, you’ll unleash a furious hit that will send the ball flying. Although it’s a great tactic, there is also an element of risk. If you mess up the timing and aim for a corner, it’s likely to go out of bounds.

Normal shot

This is your typical shot and the one you’ll do most of the time. You can still hold the button to get your timing right but it doesn’t need as long as the power shot. Using this to set up a unique shot is a great strategy.

TopSpin 2K25 Review


The X/A button produces a stronger hit with little spin and a low trajectory. This shot type suits aggressive play well and is particularly suitable for hard courts due to the low bounce.

Top Spin

With a smash of O/B, you can force your opponent to one end of the court with the Top Spin shot. This is a great way to set up avenues for quick points as it helps to open gaps on the court. Be careful as the sho type is prone to go wayward so expert timing is required.

Slice Shot

A slice shot can be performed with ▢/X. This is a slower and great defensive shot that can neutralize power shots. This can send your opponent around the court, however, due to the longer air time, it gives you the opportunity to reposition so that you are not stuck in the middle of nowhere.

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Aggressive players like to force your hand and this can be achieved through intense net play. An obvious counter for this is a lob which you can perform with the O/B button. Not only can this get you the point but it can also make players tentative about their strategy due to how it takes advantage of their vulnerability.

Drop Shot

Difficult to perform, the drop shot requires precision and timing. With R2/RT, you can place the ball close to the net which requires your opponent to run forward to try to get on the end of it. This is particularly useful against baseline players as it pushes them further up the court. So getting the hang of this will definitely earn you those much-needed points.

There you have it! How to Maximise Each Shot in TopSpin 2K25. Get the hang of these and you’ll be winning the Grand Slam in no time. Want to read our full review of the game? Just click here.

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