How To Get The Stony Cliff Titan Badge in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Stony Cliff Titan Badge Guide

The first stop on the Path of Legends is the Stony Cliff Titan Badge. Here’s how to beat that king-sized Klawf and reap the rewards.

How To Get the Stony Cliff Titan Badge in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Arven is kind enough to mark your map with all the Titan locations. Your best bet is to start with Klawf, in South Province Area 3. It’s a level 16 Rock type Pokemon. Once you get to the map marker, you’ll spot Klawf hanging out on a cliff wall. As soon as you chase it down, the battle begins.

Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, and Steel will all work wonders in this fight. Once you weaken Klawf enough, the Pokemon will take off. After you catch up to it, Arven will join you for part two of the battle. If your type matchups are solid, this fight will be a breeze. Upon winning, you’ll unlock some cutscenes surrounding the Herba Mystica. Plus, your rider Pokemon will gain the ability to dash. Oh, and Arven gives you the Stony Cliff Titan Badge. That’s one of five down, four more to go!

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