How To Get The Ruchbah Squad Badge in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Ruchbah Squad Badge Guide

The Fairy Crew is one of the trickier Team Star bases to take on without a proper strategy. Here’s how to get the Ruchbah Squad Badge in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How To Get the Ruchbah Squad Badge in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

First, the minions. Well, actually there’s a door guard, but they’re kind of a chump. At this point, so are the minions. So long as you’ve got a tough team, you can quickly muddle through this bit, type matchups notwithstanding. Just make use of the vending machines and you’re good to go.

Ortega, the Fairy Crew leader, gave me a bit of hard time. Fairy Types tend to put up a serious fight without the proper type matchup. In this case, Poison. This applies to every Pokemon in Ortega’s roster. Without Poison, this fight turns immediately into a total slog. Once you get Ortega down for the count, the Ruchbah Squad Badge is all yours.

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