How To Get The False Dragon Titan Badge in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

False Dragon Titan Badge Guide

It’s time for the final Titan Pokemon encounter. This one’s level 56/57. Maybe do some grinding first! Here’s how to get the False Dragon Titan Badge in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How To Get the Fake Dragon Titan Badge in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

You might miss this one at first. Once you get to the map marker provided by Arven, you’ll find a series of small islands in Casseroya Lake. One of them will have a slightly larger than usual Tatsugiri flopping around. Approach it, and the battle will begin shortly. Dondozo is a pure Water type, so no surprises here. Just watch out for the Body Slam move.

Like the previous Titan fights, this one’s a two-parter. After you do enough damage, Dondozo will flee the scene. You and Arven chase him down, and then the real battle begins. Dondozo isn’t a huge deal (if you’re the right level), even during the second round. The Tatsugiri is a separate matter, being a Dragon/Water hybrid. Electric moves won’t work quite as well, so you’ll have to get creative. Unless you’ve got some Dragon attacks in the wings, you just have to wail on this beast and hope for the best. Once the Tatsugiri is defeated, the False Dragon Titan Badge is all yours. Plus, your rider Pokemon can now climb vertical surfaces! Perfect for getting literally anywhere.

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