Top 16 Best Beards in Video Game History

World Beard Day 2018 – Gaming’s Best Beards

Ah, made up holidays… they’ve taken the world by storm. It seems that everything has a special day associated with it. And on September 1st, 2018, the world over will celebrate the ridiculous World Beard Day. As suggested on the official website, World Beard Day is a day for the bearded members of the household to “relax and partake in no chores”. In fact, it even suggests that “beardless members of the family traditionally show their support by waiting on the bearded hand and foot”. At COGconnected, we figured we’d honor this by taking a look at fifteen of the best beards in gaming today. And we’re talking strictly beards here, so you won’t see any Gordon Freeman goatees or Wario mustaches. So put the razor down and join us as we bow down to a bevy of beautiful beards.

Zangief – Street Fighter series

Ah, Zangief, one of our favorite Russian exports. A beast of a man with a slick beard indeed. I’m sure we’ll be discussing Zangief again when we celebrate National Chest Hair Day…

Characters with Beards - Zangief - Street Fighter --min

Rico – Just Cause Series

This handsome fellow rocks a very low trimmed beard, likely to increase his aerodynamics when he’s flying around in his wingsuit.

Characters with Beards - Rico - Just Cause-min

Venom Snake – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Nothing says distinguished like a beard. Same applies when you also have an eye patch, severe facial scarring and a shrapnel horn protruding from your forehead. Venom Snake clearly wants the distinction of being the most distinguished.

Characters with Beards - Solid Snake - Metal Gear Solid-min

McCree – Overwatch

This six-gun slinging cowboy enjoys a warm chin, so he doubles down on the warmth with a toasty beard and lit cigar. I’d advise him about the health concerns regarding smoking, but I’ll let resident medic Mercy take care of that.

Characters with Beards - McCree - Overwatch-min

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