The Big 5 – June’s Biggest Games


It’s the beginning of the end everyone… the end of all the top notch game releases as we prepare for the lull of summer. Glancing forward into July the releases are about as sparse as it gets but here in June there’s still a few really good looking games that we can get excited about. If you’re already done playing Wolfenstein, Watch_Dogs (yeah right), Mario Kart, Transistor and Van Helsing II from last month here’s 5 games you can look forward to playing in June… with one more thrown in for good measure because we’re crazy like that, or quite possibly because we can’t count.

1 – WildStar

Announced all the way back in August of 2011 WildStar finally sees it full retail release on June 3 nearly three years later. Developed by Carbine Studios this online multiplayer RPG has not only some hype behind it but also a borderline rabid fan base. Those who like it, like it a lot. Set on the fictional planet of Nexus players explore the remnants left by an alien race known as the Eldan as two dueling factions, The Dominion and The Exiles, fight for supremacy. Carbine Studios has a strong background with 17 former Blizzard employee comprising the team. With a pedigree like that you can expect good things from WildStar

2 – EA Sports UFC

In an unlikely match up, after Dana White, the UFC’s outspoken president, and EA came to a very public war of words over MMA games we see the release of EA Sports UFC. With THQ closing up shop EA bought the rights to the UFC game franchise and, being no stranger to MMA games after the EA Sports MMA release, they went to work on their very first UFC offering. Despite the unlikely match up it looks as if EA Sports UFC is shaping up to be one hell of a game. Featuring Jon ‘Bones’ Jones and Alexander ‘The Mauler’ Gustafsson on the cover as well as a full roster of of fighters (including our favourite local boy and friend Rory ‘Ares’ MacDonald) we’re excited to get nasty in the Octagon on June 17th.

3 – Murdered: Soul Suspect

Square Enix’s newest offering hits retail on June 3rd and is one of the few releases by a large publisher the month. Taking on the role of Salem, Massachusetts detective Ronan O’Connor players engage in an action adventure to crack a murder case. The catch? It’s his own murder. Ronan has returned as a ghost and is determined to find out who’s responsible for his untimely demise.  Not a lot has been seen about this game but with a release in only a couple days there’s a bit of a buzz developing. Keep an eye out for our review to hit within a few days of the release window.

4 – GRID Autosport

In one of the quickest announcement to release windows we’ve seen in a long time GRID Autosport hits the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms on June 27th after only being unveiled back in April. Blending both sim and arcade style racing we actually managed to get our hands on this bad boy at a preview event when it was announced and we walked away pretty excited for what’s in store. More cars, tracks, racing styles and multiplayer options than ever before you can check out our preview here and get pumped up for the end of the month.

5 – PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate

Not only is this one of the game’s we’re most excited about playing it’s also a free offering for PS4 owners who subscribe to PS+. Showing Microsoft how it’s done (as we all know that Games with Gold need some improving) PS4 owners get their hands on this early in the month. Combining the campaigns from Shooter 1 and 2 into one game this twin stick shooter (with some exploration and puzzle solving thrown in for good measure) is sure to keep gamers entertained for hours on end.

6 – Valiant Hearts

Valiant Hearts gets the bonus position as the sixth game worth playing this month! First seen at E3 2013 people were immediately enamored with this game due to its unique and very stand out art style. The game is inspired by letters written during the Great War and turns around four strangers entering the battlefield to help a young German soldier find his love in a story about survival, sacrifice and friendship. Ubisoft Montpellier is bringing us this one and they’ve got a stellar track record. There’s no reason that this game won’t be a great addition to your library.

Now we want to know, what are you looking forward to this month?