10 Games Sony Needs to Show at E3 2017

10 Sony E3 2017 Games That Need to Appear at the PlayStation Press Conference

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There’s no denying that the past¬†couple years of PlayStation press conferences have been exciting for fans. Sony has surprised the gaming world by announcing several games that fans thought would never see the light of day (Shenmue III, Crash Bandicoot), showed off upcoming sequels in key franchises (The Last of Us Part II), and have had some of the best showings in recent memories. Sony have turned their press conferences into historic moments, ones that gamers have to tune into.

The bar has essentially been raised by PlayStation, but these sort of announcements are a double-edge sword. While they do produce a lot of excitement in the moment, they can end up producing disappointment in the long run. It has become sadly common for a game to steal the show at one press conference, and then miss the next one entirely. High profile titles like The Last Guardian, Agent, and the Final Fantasy VII Remake have all disappeared into the ether for long periods of time, with some never making it out. In order to not have a repeat of this, Sony will have to continually give updates on games going forward. Not only will this help their games build momentum, but it’ll also ease a fanbase that is prone to worrying.

With all that out of the way, here are 10 Sony E3 2017 games that need to appear at the PlayStation press conference if they hope to steal the show, and keep their fans from feeling like their announcements are vaporware.

Sony E3 2017 Games


Deep Down

Despite being one of the very first PlayStation 4 games announced, not much is known about Capcom’s free-to-play action RPG Deep Down. Ever since it was announced in 2013, Capcom has essentially gone radio silent as a planned public beta never came to fruition. It’s well past time for an update, and finally showing off more of the Yoshinori Ono produced game would be appreciated by its fanbase.

Sony E3 2017 Games


Another game that PlayStation gamers have been acquainted with since 2013 is Media Molecule’s Dreams.¬†Originally shown as a tech demo, Dreams was officially announced two years later at E3 2015. The sandbox creation tool builds upon what the studio did with LittleBigPlanet, and not much has been said about the game since it was recently delayed from 2016 to this year. The PlayStation Move supported game looks like a natural fit for PlayStation VR, and if marketed correctly at this year’s E3, it could become Sony’s VR killer app.

Sony E3 2017 Games