This Enhanced Pokémon Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch is Slick and Adorable

Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch – Pokémon: Pikachu Vortex Impressions

There have been a lot of Pokemon gaming peripherals released over the years, but PowerA’s Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch – Pokémon: Pikachu Vortex stands out from the crowd. It’s a huge step up on the default Nintendo Switch joy-cons and an absolute delight to play with. This is especially relevant to gamers who prefer open-world games with a lot of running around. PowerA has a wide selection of Switch controllers available, and this is only one of many. That said, the Pikachu Vortex is definitely one of the company’s most striking designs. If you’re looking for a solid new Switch controller or make a habit of collecting Pokemon gaming gear, then this controller might be for you.

First things first: this controller is very easy to set up, but it doesn’t come with instructions on how to sync a wireless Switch controller, which could be inconvenient for inexperienced gamers. Fortunately, you can google ‘how to sync wireless switch controller’ and fix that problem. I had my controller synced up in about five minutes, including the time I spent looking up instructions. Everything went smoothly from there.

nintendo switch controller pikachu vortex

Incredibly Responsive Joysticks

The Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch – Pokémon: Pikachu Vortex has some very smooth controls. The joysticks respond incredibly well, the buttons are clearly defined and easy to press, and the controller is pretty comfortable to grip. My fingers did get a bit stiff after about half an hour of gaming, but I can overlook that much. The controller also features two remappable buttons on the bottom where they can be easily pushed. The joysticks feature a more obviously raised rim that makes it easy to hover your fingers. Around the joysticks are noticeably raised sections of plastic that allow for the printed design to cover as much of the controller’s surface as possible. More Pikachu is always a good thing.

The first thing I noticed about this controller is how much easier it was to move around in open-world gameplay. However, it can be a little hard to select items on in-game menus with the joysticks. Fortunately, the arrow keys are less finicky. The buttons especially are a huge improvement over the default Switch joy-cons. Not only are they bigger, but they also provide a tad bit more resistance. This makes it harder to push the wrong button by accident and makes pushing the right button more satisfying. The joysticks are also really good for adjusting camera angles on the fly, which can make exploration gameplay a breeze.

Made Specifically For Pikachu Fans

While this controller is a solid buy all around, the single biggest thing it has going for it has nothing to do with its function and everything to do with the smiling Pikachu stamped on it. The Pikachu Vortex design is absolutely beautiful, featuring bright colors and a clearly stenciled design. Every time I glanced down at my hands, I found myself smiling back at the little yellow mouse. The dark blue background makes the Pikachu pop, while the vortex of swirling electricity immediately got me in the mood for action games.

On the downside, this controller does not turn off automatically, so keep an eye on the power indicator light if you have to leave your Switch on for a while—when downloading a new game, for example. On the upside, it’s rechargeable and comes with a very lengthy charging cable. This means you can charge and play at the same time. Despite this, the controller is very much a wireless device, so the cable is not a requirement. Also, the controller isn’t really compatible with handheld mode, but it works excellently in desktop mode.

Overall, the Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch – Pokémon: Pikachu Vortex is a really solid controller. However, its main appeal is cosmetic. If the sight of Pikachu beaming at you while you game brings you joy, then snap this device up when you get the chance. Any fan of Pikachu will be overjoyed to own this, and any Nintendo Switch owner who needs a new controller might want to consider checking this one out.

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