Holiday 2019 Gift Guide: Best Stocking Stuffers for the Gamer in Your Life


Snacks/Gaming Fuel

Every gamer needs some fuel, as sometimes “one more round” or “one more level” becomes many hours later. You know your gamer better than anyone else so why not grab a few of their favorite snacks for them to enjoy during their next session? Make sure to include a drink as well; surely caffeine would be preferred.

Stocking Stuffer Gamer Fuel

Lego/ Mega Blocks / Board Game

Give the gamer a break from the screen with a board game or building blocks. Yes, it can still be gaming related. You would be surprised how many of the larger franchises have branched out into a board or card games. You’ll find game or culture themed Lego and Mega Blocks for things like Halo, Stranger Things, Batman, and Star Wars to take them away from the TV and console and into the kitchen or den to build something cool. You’ll also find some board games with gaming or culture themes, such as a Fortnite Monopoly, Funko’s FunkoVerse strategy game (DC Heroes or Harry Potter) or even Gears of War: The Board game. You’d be surprised what is out there.

Controller Chargers / Charging Docks

This is something every gamer needs but sometimes does not want to spend the money on as they would rather buy a new game. Imagine being fully immersed in a virtual adventure or race only to have your controller die on you. Having a battery pack, fully charged and ready to go will save any gamer’s life no matter what platform they play. There are tons of ways to give the gift of “life”: charging docks for controllers, battery packs, USB cables for charging.

charging station

Gaming Glasses

Yes, these are indeed a thing. The most common brand are Gunnars, but if you do a bit of research, you’ll find other brands as well. While stylish to wear and look at, they do have a purpose, as they help block out the blue light from gaming monitors/displays, and they help keep eyes from drying out. Don’t believe me? Well, they do and if you surf over any streaming platform you’ll find a lot of streamers using them too. They also come in prescription form too, but as you might imagine they are a bit more costly.

gunnar intercept onyx gaming glasses feature