3 Best, 3 Worst and 3 Cringy Moments from The Game Awards 2016

The Game Awards 2016 – The Good, The Bad and The Cringy

Without a doubt there were some interesting moments during the Game Awards on Thursday. There were highs and lows, as well as some seriously cringeworthy moments, because after all, is it really an award show without the awful gimmicks, or the awkward moments? Below we discuss the 3 best, the 3 worst and the 3 undeniably cringeworthy moments of the Game Awards 2016.

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The Best

1) Ryan Green’s Emotional Speech for That Dragon, Cancer

There is no way everyone in the audience didn’t get teary-eyed watching Ryan Green accept the award for Best Impact Game. He delivered the most emotional and heartfelt speech of the night and his words resonated well after he had left the stage. The game, That Dragon, Cancer tells the story of Green’s son Joel and his battle with cancer. Tragically, Joel lost the battle when he was only five years old, but the story he left behind, the one that Ryan shared with the world was both heart wrenching and inspiring. If only I had been ready with tissues beforehand!

2) Bulletstorm is Back

Gearbox revealed that Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC next year, on April 7th, in ultra-high resolution. What’s fantastic about the announcement is that it brings back the critically-acclaimed classic shooter to all of the newest systems, with the addition of Duke Nukem. As if there needed to be any other reason to love it already!

3) The DOOM Music Performance

DOOM took home the award for Best Music/Sound Design last night, and while that is fantastic for id Software and Bethesda Softworks, it doesn’t quite seem to compare to the DOOM music performance. The composer of the DOOM soundtrack, Mick Gordon, alongside Matt Halpern and Sascha Dikiciyan, absolutely rocked the stage. The performance was amazing!

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