COGconnected’s E3 2017 Best in Show Awards

The Best of the Best – COGconnected’s 2017 E3 Best in Show 

E3 2017 has come and gone. It was crazy, it was hectic and there was a ton of stuff to see. The COGconnected crew is battered, bruised, fully pickled, and altogether too comfortable with each other (woo! Male nudity!). Besides that, we played a shit load of games – many of which were downright incredible. After a discussion in which several death threats were issued, the team settled on this list – the very best of E3 2017. Without further ado, COGconnected’s 2017 E3 Best in Show Awards.

E3 2017 Best in Show


Best New Game – Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Yeah, we’re surprised too. I mean, this game gives Luigi a gun. That’s unsafe at the best of times. This turn-based tactics game is surprisingly easy to pick up and a blast to play. This new game shocked us all once we got our hands on it. Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was the hardest game to put down at E3.


The Runway Model – Dragon Ball FighterZ

Akira Toriyama’s art has always been stunning, but seeing Dragon Ball FighterZ in motion is absolutely transcendent. The “extreme animation” used in Dragonball FighterZ does an amazing job of creating the feeling of controlling the fights in the actual show rather than feeling like just another fighter.

Best Adventure Game – Super Mario Odyssey

We hummed and hawed about this category last year, and eventually decided that Breath of the Wild was an adventure. This year, Mario is on an adventure and we’re all aboard that particular train. Super Mario Odyssey is pure magic to play and has a weird hat that possesses things in vaguely demonic fashion. Nintendo is weird as hell again, and we love it.


8-Bit Grit – The Last Night

The Last Night was one of the buzziest indie titles shown during Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference and for good reason, it’s stylish and shows incredible promise. 8-bit grit is about taking an idea and making it a reality through old school guts, blood, and sweat – The Last Night is completely that.