8 Video Game Foods We Want and 5 We Already Have

5 Gaming Foods We Already Have

5. Monster Energy – Death Stranding & Monster Energy Supercross

Monster Energy has become one of the official gaming energy drinks over the past few years. It has been featured mostly in its own titles that focus on Supercross but when Death Stranding came out last year, Monster Energy broke into the mainstream. Sam “Porter” Bridges uses the gamer fuel to make his way across the varied landscape of the post apocalyptic world in the Hideo Kojima PS4 hit game. While many gamers got sick of the product placement in the game, we were glad to see a remnant of today’s age still in the post apocalyptic Earth of Death Stranding. Monster Energy may not be Gfuel, but it’s an energy drink that’s made for gamers.


4. Extensive Menu of Fine Cuisine – Final Fantasy XV & Kingdom Hearts

Square Enix consistently proves they know a thing or two about cooking. Even in their heavily fantasy titles such as Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3, their menus include countless real-life dishes that look just as delicious in the games as they do in person. Some of the most mouth watering dishes Ignis brings to life in Final Fantasy XV are breaded cutlet with tomato, dumplings, creamy milk risotto, paella de pollo, hearty cutlet on rice and cup noodles of course. In Kingdom Hearts 3, gamers can salivate over Ratatouille, lobster mousse, pumpkin velouté, seafood tartare, filet mignon poelé and chocolate mousse. While items such as potions and phoenix down may not exist in real life, it’s clear that someone at Square Enix appreciates the art of cooking if Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are any indicator.


3. Banana, Banana, Banana! – Sea of Thieves, Donkey Kong Country, etc.

There are several games that include cherries and apples but some of the best titles include bananas. This gamer fruit has been a fixture on our planet long before video games were conceived but games make them look better than most of us think they are. Donkey Kong risked his life in various titles for this yellow fruit and all of the DK crew loves them more than any ape we’re aware of. My question is what do they do with all of the banana peels? Continuing the banana trend, Rare made bananas the primary fuel to keep pirates swashbuckling their ways across the seven seas in Sea of Thieves. Some more games that have bananas include My Friend Pedro, Mario Kart, Pac-man, World of Warcraft, Worms, Elder Scrolls, Super Monkey Ball, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Witcher 3… as you can tell, they’re a staple in gaming and not just in games that are monkey centric.


2. Cheese, Stu and Sweet Rolls – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

When The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim released in 2011, I couldn’t help but wish I had a sweet roll with some elder cheese wedges but it wasn’t long before I realized these are very attainable if you look hard enough. Whether you have to shop from one bakery to another, you’ll eventually see a sweet roll similar to those in Skyrim and aged cheese is far easier to find. For years I wanted to learn some of the recipes in the fantasy title riddled with dragons and over time, I learnt some of the recipes. Most of the cooking menu includes real-life dishes such as salmon steak, venison chop, vegetable soup and leg of goat roast. A large majority of the menu is focused on dishes we can make ourselves quite easily, with mudcrab legs and mammoth steak being among the few that can’t be made for obvious reasons. I’ve also always wondered what dragons taste like but in Skyrim, they roast themselves to ashes.


1. Lucio Oh’s – Overwatch

Lucio Oh’s began as a spray in Overwatch, with some in-game art reflecting the promotional breakfast cereal Lucio apparently used to expand his empire past music and world saving. The spray soon turned into a meme online and not long afterwards, Blizzard capitalized on the fictional cereal and turned dreams into reality. If you’re lucky, there’s a store near you that has Lucio Oh’s on the shelves but they can be found online as well. The O’s are coloured yellow and green to reflect the Overwatch hero and they are reminiscent of a two-toned Froot Loop. This cereal isn’t part of a balanced breakfast but it’s a treat for fans of the Blizzard hero shooter to enjoy between payload escorts and capture points. Although the O’s are green and yellow, the flavor is mostly vanilla, making the milk at the bottom of your bowl worth drinking when you’re done.