The Top 5 Styles We’d Love To See Added to Super Mario Maker 2

3) Super Mario Odyssey

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if Super Mario Odyssey makes an appearance in Super Mario Maker 2. What better way to capitalize on the success of Odyssey than to include a 2D Style based on Mario’s latest adventure. Fans would be able to build 2D levels inspired by some of Odyssey’s amazing levels like New Donk City, complete with taxis that double as trampolines. However, the biggest addition to come with this Style would be the ability to use Cappy for some added movement options. Another great reason; levels inspired by the low-gravity moon environment giving Mario some epic jumps.

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2) Yoshi’s Island

Let’s face it, Yoshi probably isn’t getting a Super Yoshi Maker game anytime soon. So, why not let Yoshi hop on Mario’s back for once and give us a Yoshi’s Island Style in  Super Mario Maker 2? The Yoshi’s Island Style would feature that classic, cartoony, hand-drawn look. Yoshi could take the spotlight and be tasked with carrying Mario, Luigi, a Goomba, or whatever from start to finish – adding an extra challenge to players. Yoshi would have his ability to eat enemies, flutter jump and throw eggs, adding some unique dynamics to the Yoshi’s Island Style. Of course, players wouldn’t be restricted to just playing as Yoshi – they could journey through the beautifully drawn Yoshi’s Island levels as Mario or whomever else too.

1) Super Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario Bros. 2 was sadly missed in the original Super Mario Maker – and unbelievably, it’s still absent in Super Mario Maker 2… or is it? I imagine in the first Super Mario Maker, Super Mario Bros. 2 wasn’t included because the focus was on four Style’s that had similar enough gameplay that was easily transferable between each other. However, we’ve already seen with Super Mario Maker 2 that Nintendo is willing to add some unique dynamics to certain Styles, with the inclusion of Super Mario 3D World (ie: clear pipes and Cat Mario). So, when you look at Super Mario Bros. 2, aside from its own unique aesthetic, the only real difference would be the ability to pick up and throw turnips – I can’t imagine that would be too difficult to include. In addition, playable characters would retain their Super Mario Bros. 2 abilities, such as Princess Peach’s hover. And, of course, we’d also get Birdo and Wart.

Super MArio Maker 2 - Super Mario Bros 2

And that concludes my top five Styles I would like to see added to Super Mario Maker 2. I’m not crazy, I wouldn’t suggest we’d get all of these Styles, but I have this feeling we’ll see at least one more Style incorporated from a past Super Mario adventure. But these are just five of the many possible Styles inspired by Mario’s past adventures that Nintendo could consider. Maybe we’ll get a Super Mario RPG Style or a Super Mario Sunshine Styles, or heck, why not a Captain Toad Style? Either way, I’ll be glued to my Switch come June 28th, 2019 as I design level after level, dreaming of my chance to be noticed by Nintendo and landing my dream job. Ok, maybe I’m a little crazy.

So, what Super Mario inspired Styles would you like to see in Super Mario Maker 2? Let us know in the comments below or reach out to us via social media.