5 Features the PlayStation 5 Needs to Add ASAP

The PlayStation 5 Could Use These 5 Features Right Now

Sony has built the entire user interface of the PS5 to take advantage of the console’s power and capabilities. Though the new design feels fresh and exciting, and there’s no denying the PlayStation 5 is a powerhouse, there are a few features that are nowhere to be found. Of course, since the PS5 just launched less than a week ago there’s still room for improvement and we’re here with a couple ideas on how Sony could make the PS5 even more user-friendly. That’s right, we’ve come up with 5 features that the PS5 needs to add as soon as humanly possible.


5. Increased Storage Space

The PS5 was advertised to have 825 GB of space however out of the box it has significantly less at just 667 GB. Sure, this is still quite a bit but considering there’s no option to expand the storage currently available it’s going to become an annoyance very, very quickly to gamers that purchase more than a few PS5 titles. In fact, if you’re a fan of COD the latest title takes up a whopping 135 GB of space and that’s just over 20% of what’s available. Getting an external HD doesn’t solve the problem either right now as the sole purpose of an external HD is to store playable PS4 titles. No, it’s not available as additional space to download/save PS5 titles onto. Further, while Sony has stated that the internal SSD is going to be available at a later date, it’s not available now and it should be. At least if we had a specific date of when to expect this it’d make the lack of additional space a little more bearable. Fingers crossed it’s right around the corner!

4. Game Version Indicator

Currently, there’s no real way to organize your games based on their version – PS4 or PS5. It would be great to have a way to organize this, maybe like an indicator or banner across the top, so that we would know what generation it is. Maybe they could have a ‘drop down’ of tiles or something where players could browse and click which version they’d like to jump into. Surely, it’s a small gripe, but I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to close out of a game only to go and find the exact same game again. While I understand that not everyone is going to have both versions of a ton of games it’s definitely something that would make the PS5 even better.

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