3 Things I Love (and 3 Things I Hate) About the Laptop Surface Go

The Hate List

No Backlit Keyboard

This was a serious bummer for me, especially because I do the majority of my work at night or super early in the morning. If you have become accustomed to backlit keyboards, the lack of light while working on the Go will be a serious adjustment for you. For the price, there really should be one.

Better Options For The Same Price

Speaking of price, the Surface Go isn’t too expensive. The unit I reviewed (which is the most expensive) costs around $899.99 USD. For that price, you can find yourself a laptop or Chromebook that’ll perform far better. One that’ll run all your games with better specs. It really doesn’t take much to shop around and find a laptop with better guts in it than the Surface Go.

Low Res Screen

The screen is a perfect size for what you’ll need it for, but in the age of 4K high-res screens, the Surface Go feels quite dated. The included 1536×1034 resolution is less than 1080p, which is quite shocking. I just expected a little more here but at that price point I get it, they wanted to keep the price down. That said, it is bright and it does pop, but the lower resolution is a letdown.

The inability to use a stylus pen on the touchscreen and the fact it comes equipped with Microsoft S Mode almost made the hate list, but those issues were more of a small annoyance than anything. Overall, the Surface Go does what it says it does and overall, I like it. But it’s just not for me.

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