Ranking The Video Games With The Best Art Design of 2019

3. Sayonara Wild Hearts

Fast-paced action and an abundance of neon once again makes our list of this year’s games with the best art design with Sayonara Wild Hearts. Dubbed as a visual pop album video game, Sayonara Wild Hearts seems to have been made for this end-of-the-year list. With lasers, swords, and dance battling abound in a visually stunning atmosphere, Sayonara Wild Hearts is likely easier to show than to explain, just make sure your jaw doesn’t drop too far.

2. Death Stranding

An apocalyptic United States never looked as good as it has in Death Stranding. Despite having a greyed out palette with a relative lack of colour, Death Stranding continually amazes with its amazing landscapes and character portrayals. In addition to its technical prowess, Death Stranding’s unique style makes one of the best games of the year, one of the best art designs of the year as well. Perfectly complementing the landscape zoom-outs is the game’s robust soundtrack which appears almost perfectly coordinated at times.

1. Control

Control takes place in the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control, the Oldest House. On the inside, the Oldest House is an infinitely shifting space connected to alternate dimensions. Although just technically impressive, Control perhaps demonstrates its worthiness of best art design through the surreal and unique structures, aspects, and architecture found throughout the game. Despite worthy contenders with style, technical prowess, and a combination of other aspects, Control ultimately shines through this year.

What game stood out for you this year? Tell us in the comments below.

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